Internship opportunity in Chamber of Manasi Bhushan, Advocates

Application for Position for Intern in Chamber of Manasi Bhushan, Advocates 

1. Eligibility – Fourth Year / Fifth Year of the Five-Year Course or Second Year / Third Year of the Three-Year Course.
2. This internship is for minimum period of two months and the work will be from the Chamber which is located in North-West Delhi.
(GPS Location
The work timings are from 10 am to 7 pm. If you are not from Delhi, you may consider accordingly while appearing for the interview round.
3. Since an intern is cast with heavy responsibilities, therefore we expect sincerity and dedication while working in the office. Therefore, it is better to back out if one thinks of doing the internship for namesake.
4. Interns are required to carry laptop as one is expected to draft, research, frame legal opinions, attend client meetings, court hearings and do field visits whenever required.
5. Since it is expected to visit courts, government offices and alike for legal matters throughout Delhi, therefore, intern should be willing to travel either by private vehicle or through public transport. Needless to mention, in the mornings, interns are expected to go to court first and thereafter report in the chamber.
6. If performance is found satisfactory and interns are willing to extend their internship, we would prefer long term interns as it would be beneficial at both the ends.
7. Stipend: Rs.2,500/- per month

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