Internship opportunity at Centre for Criminology and Victimology, NLU Delhi

The Centre for Criminology and Victimology at National Law University Delhi has been set up with the objective of promoting research, training, policy analysis and consultancy in the field of Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Criminology and Victimology. The Centre is engaged in several research projects including wrongful prosecution; victim and prosecution. The Centre regularly conducts workshops, seminars, training programmes, conferences and symposiums on the above-mentioned subject areas.

We look forward to welcoming a diverse group of in-person and virtual interns, with a strong preference for those who can join us on campus to take full advantage of the collaborative and immersive environment at NLU Delhi.
1. Short-Term Internship Programme: Short-term interns will spend at least one month at the
Centre assisting in ongoing research projects.
2. Long-Term Internship Programme: This three-month to one-year internship is for those seeking comprehensive experience. Their contributions would include policy analysis and consultancy, independent research, policy briefs, stakeholder engagement, academic publications, and leadership roles in event organisation and facilitation within the scope of CCV.
3. Faculty-Research Internship Programme: This internship invites interns to work closely with faculty on ongoing research projects for at least two months. It allows for deeper engagement in research, training, and consultancy activities with the Faculty Members at the Centre.
4. Multidisciplinary Innovators Internship Programme:

● Contribution in ongoing research projects, assisting in data collection, empirical and doctrinal analysis, and report writing under the guidance of experienced researchers and undertaking necessary administrative tasks.
● Support organising workshops, seminars, and training programs, including logistical
arrangements, participant coordination, and documentation.
● Engagement in policy analysis initiatives.
● Skill development opportunities, including training sessions, mentorship, and hands-on learning experiences tailored to interns’ interests and career aspirations
● Improving our communication strategies, using websites, social media, print and electronic media.

● All these criterias are applicable on all the internship programmes except multidisciplinary
innovators internship programme. The eligibility criteria for that programme are mentioned in the programme scheme itself.
● The internship is open to undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students (India and other countries) in law, criminology, social sciences, or related fields.
● Students must have completed two years of the five-year integrated LL.B. Programme/ one year of a three year LL.B. Programme. Preference will be given to the students who have studied and completed the criminal law coursework in their LL.B. Programme.
● Applicants should have a strong academic record, excellent research and writing skills, and a keen interest in criminology and victimology.
● Previous research experience, while not mandatory, will be considered an advantage.

The candidates interested are advised to submit their application at least 2 months in advance. Those interested should mail at specifying the following in the email body-

Personal Details
● Name
● Email Address
● Phone number
● Address
Academic Details
● Name of the College/University
● Current Year of Study & Course
● Preferred duration of internship (with dates)
● Mode of internship
Kindly submit the following documents as part of the application. All these documents should be compiled together and uploaded as one document in word or pdf format.
● Updated CV: Please ensure your CV is current and reflects your most recent academic and
professional experiences. (not more than three pages)
● Statement of Purpose (SOP): Share your motivations for applying, your expectations from the internship and how you believe it aligns with your career goals. (500 words)
● Writing Sample: Submit a writing sample (published/unpublished). Ideally submitted to University as part of coursework on the subject of interest within the scope of Criminology & Victimology.

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