Implication of AI in the legal system can be highly risky, says CJI D Y Chandrachud

New Delhi: Chief Justice of India D Y Chandrachud, Photo Credit-PTI

The Chief Justice of India, DY Chandrachud highlighted the negative impact of Artificial Intelligence at a two-day conference about Technology and Judicial Dialogue. The conference took place this weekend at the Supreme Court of India along with the Singapore Supreme Court. Chief Justice of India Justice D Y Chandrachud and Chief Justice of Singapore Justice Sundaresh Menon on Saturday had attended the conference exploring the possible challenges and benefits of incorporating AI in to legal system.

In this conference, the Chief Justice of India has expressed concerns about AI and addressed the biasness and direct discrimination of Artificial Intelligence in different perspectives. It is because of the increased use of Biometrics, Facial Recognition Technology etc .

CJI stated, “The impact of bias in AI systems presents a complex challenge, particularly when it comes to indirect discrimination. This form of discrimination occurs when seemingly neutral policies or algorithms disproportionately affect certain groups, thereby undermining their rights and protections. Facial recognition technology (FRT) serves as a prime example of high-risk AI, given its inherently intrusive nature and potential for misuse,”

While addressing at the conference, the CJI also took reference from an Oscar-nominated movie “Ex Machina”, a science fiction based on artificial intelligent and humanoid robot.
The Chief Justice of India also mentioned that the film acts as a warning and prompts deep thinking about the moral and philosophical dilemmas that will arise with the advancement of AI.

The CJI also stated that AI being used in court proceedings brings up a lot of important questions. It has its pros and cons, so we need to think about it carefully. It also raises concern because there is no transparency into algorithm of AI. We don’t know what input is giving to the AI for the output we’re getting. It’s a mystery and indirect discrimination. 

Overall, the Hon’ble CJI considered both the sides of the integration of AI. At one hand, he explored the expeditious delivery of justice and on the other hand he expressed the possibility of indirect discrimination and other ethical challenges.



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