INTRODUCTION: Environmental pollution is among the deadliest threats to our environment and threatens the human and non-human entities living there and the earth as a whole. Therefore, various legal principles and elements have been enacted to facilitate addressing this legal issue. These principles act as the guiding light for persons, authorities, and groups in the […]

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INTRODUCTION: India’s approach to environmental protection and conservation has deep-rooted foundations in its ancient philosophical traditions and cultural practices. From the hymns of the Vedas extolling the virtues of living in harmony with nature, to the sustainable forestry and water management systems followed by local communities, India’s civilizational ethos has been intertwined with environmental consciousness.  […]

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Environmental Pollution: A Legal Perspective in India

Introduction Environmental pollution refers to the introduction of harmful substances or contaminants into the natural environment, causing adverse effects on living organisms and the ecosystem. It is a major issue that poses significant threats to human health, biodiversity, and the overall balance of the planet Environmental pollution has emerged as one of the most pressing […]

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Environmental Liability Principles

Introduction Environmental liability principles encompass a range of legal and regulatory frameworks designed to hold individuals, businesses, and governments accountable for environmental damage and pollution. These principles are essential for ensuring that those responsible for environmental harm bear the costs of remediation, restoration, and compensation. By doing so, they promote environmental protection and sustainability. Key […]

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Conceptual Framework of Sustainable Development

Introduction The conceptual framework of sustainable development serves as a roadmap for achieving a balance between the needs of the present and the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Rooted in the understanding of the interconnectedness between environmental, social, and economic dimensions, sustainable development aims to foster long-term well-being while respecting the […]

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