Paralegal opportunity at UK based law firm.

About the opportunity

A UK based law firm is looking to engage a full time immigration paralegal to join their team remotely.

Key Responsibilities:
Client Assistance:
● Assist in providing comprehensive immigration advice and support to clients, including
individuals, families, and businesses.
● Handle client inquiries, gather necessary documentation, and guide them through the
immigration process.
● Maintain strong client relationships and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.
Application Preparation:
● Prepare and review immigration application forms and supporting documents in accordance
with UK immigration laws and regulations.
● Conduct research on complex immigration cases and legal issues.
Case Management:
● Maintain organised case files and databases to track the progress of immigration applications.
● Monitor application deadlines and ensure timely submissions.
● Collaborate with Caseworkers and Senior Paralegals to strategise and develop legal arguments
for cases.

Legal Research:
● Stay updated on changes in UK immigration law and policies.
● Conduct legal research and provide recommendations to the legal team.
● Assist in the preparation of legal documents and reports.

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